A mother living with multiple sclerosis fears that without the help of a disabled children’s centre, her health will suffer.

Claire Bennett, Milton Street in Watford relies on Nascot Lawn Respite Centre providing care for her son Amari once a week.

But the part-time hairdresser is in danger of losing any respite care for her son if the centre shuts in January, as currently no day-care provisions have been made for children under four.

Amari is visually impaired and has cerebral palsy and has muscle spasms and brain damage so is not catered for in regular nurseries.

The four hours Amari goes to Nascot Lawn every Thursday helps Claire to deal with her condition and recover.

Claire said: “All day care provisions have been cut, but I suffer with MS so without having day care I will not get chance to rest.

“Without resting I could end up in hospital and not able to cope, which would then cost the community more.

“It is so upsetting to go through this and knowing the impact it will have. It is mentally draining every day, but to have that bit of support each week helps so much.

“It took him six months to settle in, so will it may take the same amount of time for be comfortable at wherever he ends up next.

“Eventually my condition will take over and I won’t be able to work, so I cannot afford to pay someone to look after him.”

The decision as to whether Nascot Lawn will close will be taken at a financial review meeting next Thursday.