A teenager who has refused to let her role as a young carer stop her from living her dreams wants to help others in her shoes.

Annie-Rose Cutler, of Crusader Way, Watford, cares for her mum Tracey, as she is unable to move around freely as a result of osteo and rheumatoid arthritis.

The 17-year-old, a pupil at Westfield School in Watford, also looks after her younger brother Zachary, who has global development display and cerebral palsy, and her older brother Nicholas, who has autism, epilepsy, ADHD and other mental health issues.

Her dad, Ray, works full time so during the week, the responsibilities fall on Annie.

Annie, who is in the sixth form at Westfield School and joined the Young Carers’ Council in 2010, said: “I help both my mum and younger brother with practical things such as washing her hair and bathing my brother as well as with shopping and doing chores and other things.

“I occasionally help my older brother Nicholas who suffers with autism, epilepsy, ADHD, moderate learning difficulties and other mental health problems.”

She added: “I think it’s very important to raise awareness of who young carers are, as it’s quite stigmatised and people don’t want to think of it as being as close to home as it actually is.

“It’s important that professionals, such as GPs, teachers and others who are interested, know how hard it can be for young carers.

“At conferences I talk about what I do and who I care for.

“I’m not afraid to answer and it helps educate people.”

Annie hopes to go to the University of Hertfordshire to become a nurse practitioner.

As a result of her selfless and noble efforts, she has won £300 as the junior winner of the Affinity Water Young People of the Year Awards (YOPEYs).

She is giving £200 to Hertfordshire Young Carers’ Council of which she is vice-chairman.

She was presented with her prize by MP Sir Mike Penning, who said: “She works hard and doesn’t complain.

“She helps support others in a similar situation to her.

“She ensures that they still have a social life and support network.

“She is clearly committed to raising awareness and improving support for young carers, all while continuing to care for her family and studying too – what a positive role model.”

The runners-up included Euan Petrie, of Hampermill Lane, Oxhey Hall, who leads at air cadets and school, St Joan of Arc in Rickmansworth, and siblings, Alison and Eddie Gelfs, of Smith Street, Watford, who raise money for various charities in memory of their late father, a Second World War veteran.

They were given £100 prizes including £50 donations to a charity of their choice.