The council has launched a campaign in a bid to encourage people to recycle all their food waste.

All houses in Watford now have a “no food waste” sticker on their lid of their black refuse bins.

This sticker is to remind residents to recycle food waste in the green-lidded organic waste bin.

Watford Borough Council and Veolia trialled the initiative in Oxhey earlier this year and found that placing the stickers on bins resulted in smaller amounts of food waste going to landfill.

Councillor Peter Taylor, who is responsible for waste and recycling said: ”Since we introduced the food waste caddy and compostable liners to all houses in Watford, we have seen an increase in residents recycling.

“This is great news - but we can always do more. Only about half of all residents regularly recycle their food waste, so we believe that the introduction of the ‘no food waste’ sticker onto black bins will encourage those who currently don’t recycle to think twice and recycle rather than binning their food waste.”

In 2016, all houses were provided with grey food waste caddies to encourage residents to recycle all their food waste.

People can recycle any cooked or uncooked food, vegetable and fruit peelings, tea bags, bones, egg shells and plate scrapings in your green-lidded bin.

The recycled food is turned into compost and used in farming and returning nutrients to the soil and is also much cheaper than sending it to landfill.

In addition, people who purchase compostable liners from the Town Hall or Wiggenhall Depot will also receive a free roll of liners and a reusable shopping bag as part of the campaign.

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