The Deputy Mayor of Watford is on a mission to make the town “dementia-friendly”.

Cllr Peter Taylor, who is also the Liberal Democrat candidate in next May’s mayoral elections, plans to work with businesses in the area to encourage staff to complete dementia training.

His aim is give people a “better understanding” of those who have dementia in their community.

Cllr Taylor said: "There are an increasing number of people living with dementia in our town. My own grandad suffered from dementia towards the end of his life and it was very difficult to see him struggling with memory loss or trying explain himself.

“I am really keen that we bring people together so that more of us take part in Dementia Friends’ training. If shops, cafes, libraries and other places train their staff then they will be better able to serve people with this condition."

In 2017 Reeta Ram opened a home for people with dementia in Oxhey to help raise awareness about how to support people with the condition.

She said: "Dementia Friends’ training can be provided at no cost to businesses and is a really good way of helping people to have a better understanding of this condition.

“If staff are trained as Dementia Friends they are better at supporting thousands of customers with dementia symptoms, along with their carers.

“I know that Watford is a really caring town and it would be great if during 2018, more and more businesses and organisations here become dementia-friendly."

Cllr Taylor will compete to be the next Mayor of Watford along with Labour candidate cllr Jagtar Singh Dhindsa and also Conservative hopeful George Jabbour.

To find out more about helping to make Watford a “dementia-friendly” town, email cllr Taylor at