A resident concerned about safety on his road has slammed the council after replacement street lamps are worse than the originals.

Michael Shrimpton, of Garsmouth Way, Watford, has complained after new street lights installed in his road are darker than others and potentially present a safety risk.

Herts County Council replaced the street lights in his road with LED lights, which are more energy efficient and cost-effective.

But Mr Shrimpton believes more people may fall and injure themselves with the dimmer lights.

He said: "Before they were orange and not very bright but they at least lit up the pavements. All the light does is shine downwards but it is still really dark.

"It is dangerous for both people on the pavements and on the roads who are unable to see - there are a lot of elderly people in the houses in the road."

A spokesman from Herts County Council said: "We would like to reassure residents that in site tests we have found that the level of lighting on both roads and pavements is no lower than it was before.

"The LED white light provides a different look and feel than the conventional orange light which we are used to. However, we are confident that residents will quickly become accustomed to the new lights.

"They are clearer to the eye and more directional, providing greater colour recognition, improving visibility for highway users on roads and pavements."