A man who took part in the Kindertransport at 14 told fundraisers about growing up in Nazi Germany and his life after he left.

Ken Appel, 90, spoke to Watford Rotary Club about being beaten by his former friends and eventually being expelled from school for being Jewish during the rise of the Nazi Party.

After fleeing to the UK, Mr Appel got a job working in a laboratory in London.

But having escaped Nazi Germany, he still had to contend with the tail end of the Blitz, as flying bombs were directed at the capital.

Mr Appel said: “The laboratory was in Highgate Hospital in Hampstead Heath on top of a hill, the highest point in London, and it was the time of the V1 and we had glass all around us and saw the V1 coming straight over, we went under a bench, it was dangerous, but nothing happened.”

Mr Appel eventually put himself through university and began research at a laboratory that was working to develop penicillin.

Mr Appel still works today.