An application to sell alcohol at a hub in Cassiobury Park has been withdrawn following concern about the impact of “noise and nuisance” on nearby families and wildlife.

Owners Jams Kitchen Ltd applied for a licence for Daisy’s in the Park – which is located at the Hub and paddling pools in the park - to sell and have alcohol consumed between 11am and 11pm.

There would also be live music, recorded music and performances of dance both indoors and outdoors.

However, Watford Borough Council has since confirmed the application has been pulled so residents can put forward their concerns and hear more about the plans, before a new application is then submitted.

David Fallon, who is standing as the Conservative candidate for Park ward in this May's local election, said he received letters from “anxious” people objecting the original application.

The father of two young children said: "As a local resident who has lived with my family in the vicinity of Cassiobury Park for many years, I believe that it is wrong to have alcohol served in and around a children’s play area for many reasons, not least child safety and vulnerability.

“The licence, if approved, will also affect local residents in other ways, including an increase in noise and nuisance from people leaving the park at night having enjoyed listening to loud music until late in the evening.”

Malcolm Meerabux, a member of the Friends of Cassiobury Park group added: “Our main purpose as Friends of Cassiobury Park is to protect its natural beauty and to assist in preserving and enhancing the park for the benefit of park users.

“So although we agree in principle to the granting of a licence, we feel there are considerations and constraints which need to be taken into account by the licensing authority.

“Our reservations are based on the presence of young children and families in the daytime, the danger from glassware around the site and in particular the paddling pools, as well as the potential for an increase in litter in the vicinity of the Hub.”

Cllr Peter Taylor, who is responsible for parks, said the application needed to be amended before it could be taken further.

He said: “Like many other people I enjoy visiting Daisy’s café with my family. We are very keen to support the café and want every visitor to have a good experience when they come to Cassiobury Park.

“The licence application that was submitted has led to some confusion about what Daisy’s is looking to do. We have advised them to withdraw the application and hold a drop-in session with residents to talk through exactly what their ideas are. This will be held soon and Daisy’s will make sure residents know about it in advance. This will give residents the chance to discuss their concerns and gain a better understanding of Daisy’s plans.

“Once this has happened, the café can then submit a new application which is clearer about what they are hoping to achieve. Ultimately, a licence for Daisy’s would enable them to offer the option of alcoholic drinks at small scale events, very much like the café in St Albans’ Verulamium Park and many other much-loved parks across the country, while making sure that this does not detract from the enjoyment of other people visiting the park.”