A prisoner at the Mount jail in Bovingdon was caught with three packages containing mobile phones in his boxer shorts, a jury heard on Monday.

Simon Collins and his visitor Christopher Baptiste, now 48, had raised the suspicion of prison officers because they appeared to be looking around the room rather than having a conversation, Luton crown court was told.

At the end of visiting time, the men appeared to hug and when Collins left the room he was searched and packages containing six phones, cables and USB connectors were allegedly found in his boxer shorts.

Mr Baptiste, of Alexandra Street, Plaistow, East London, pleads not guilty to conveying prohibited items into prison on 16 December 2015.

Prison officer Kevin Gwyther told the jury of 8 men and 4 women: "They seemed to be more interested in their surroundings than a social visit. They were looking around."

When visiting time was over at 4pm, he said they stood up very close to one another. After Collins left the room he made a decision to search him.

He said: "There was a rectangular package in front of his boxer shorts - I don't know what it was. It was wrapped and I handed it to a dog handler. "There were 2 other packages down his boxer shorts. I handed them over."

Prosecutor Isabel Delamare alleged six mobile phones, cables and USB connectors had been smuggled to Simon Collins by Mr Baptiste.

She said at the end of the visit the two men had appeared to hug. As he left, Collins adjusted his waistband and tucked himself in.

Mr Baptiste was detained when he left the visitors room and was taken by the police to Hatfield.

His own mobile phones were examined and WhatsApp messages allegedly read: '70 in your account' and gave directions to the prison by train and bus.

When questioned, he said he was visiting a friend and denied passing anything to Collins.

David Langwallner is defending.

Case proceeding.