Three homes were burgled in one day - and police have now issued advice on how people can stay safe.

People are being urged to ensure their homes are secured following separate incidents in Penrose Avenue, Raglan Gardens and Hampermill Lane on Tuesday, February 13.

Between 8.45am and 7.50pm, a property in Penrose Avenue was broken into. Thieves smashed glass in a back door before carrying out an untidy search and stealing jewellery and documents.

Later that evening between 6.50pm and 7.10pm, thieves broke into an address in Raglan Gardens by entering a cat flap and unlocking the door from the inside using a key which had been left in the lock.

A house in Hampermill Lane was also broken into through a back kitchen window between 7.50am and 9.50pm and items of jewellery were stolen.

Neighbourhood Sergeant Tom Evans said: “We fully appreciate that burglary can have a devastating effect on victims and the wider community and are continuing to do everything we can to crackdown on these criminals.

“We have seen a drop in the overall number of reported offences across Three Rivers in recent weeks and made some significant arrests. This work will continue but we also need homeowners to help us by ensuring they are doing all they can to help keep their property secure."

How can you stay safe?

  • Ensure that all doors and windows are fully locked and that all keys and valuable items are hidden away when you leave your property
  • Install timer switches in your home to turn on lights to make it look like someone is in during the darker evenings
  • Consider installing a door bell camera and CCTV system
  • If you witness any suspicious activity, report it to police straightaway, noting descriptions of people involved and registration numbers of vehicles.

Anyone with information about the burglaries is asked to contact the Three Rivers Local Crime Unit on the non-emergency number 101, quoting one of the crime reference numbers for each address: Penrose Avenue (crime reference C3/18/223), Raglan Gardens (C3/18/224) and Hampermill Lane (C3/18/225).

You can also report information online at