How many of us can say we know how to live a ‘good’ life? To confront our deepest fears? To reach our true potential?

These are questions asked by The Company of Teens in their original production, My Fear vs The World at The Abbey Theatre next week.

Written by Ian Jordan, specifically for The Company of Teens, this brand new play asks both timely and timeless questions about growing up. According to Ian the play “follows a cavalcade of characters through early childhood to the challenges of teenage years and beyond, laying bare a host of fears that simultaneously consume and drive us”.

My Fear vs The World is a collaboration between the writer, four directors working together, and most importantly the actors themselves. Over weeks of workshops and challenging rehearsals the Teens have devised each scene in the play and used them as building blocks to put the show together.

One of the directors, Philip Reardon, explains: “The play moves quickly through the stages of life; early childhood, school, uni, work, marriage, children, divorce and remarriage, ageing and old age. At the same time it asks, have we grown, learnt, and critically, achieved happiness?”

Fellow director, Chloe Brown, adds: “It was important for the Teens to have a large say in how they wanted to present this work, as it is for them and about them. They are using Ian’s words, but presenting the views of millennial teens facing an uncertain future. On the other hand, we have made sure that the topics covered have a universal appeal to any audience member, young or old.”

“This piece has been a unique learning experience for The Company of Teens as actors. They have explored really difficult concepts through movement and voice workshops, and have been asked every week to creatively devise something original and different, really stretching their improvisational skills, which could rival any adult company. This piece truly highlights their considerable talents.”

Abbey Theatre March 8 and 9 at 8pm. Details: 01727 857861,