A campaign has been launched to help reduce the "concerning" number of fly tipping incidents across Hertfordshire.

The initiative, organised by the Hertfordshire Fly Tipping Group (FTG), encourages people across the county to follow the campaign’s S.C.R.A.P. code, which reminds households of their responsibility of clearing rubbish but also ensuring that the right people are taking it away.

The FTG is made up of a number of authorities, including councils, police, fire service, and the Environment Agency.

Fly tipping cost tax payers £1 million to clear up across Hertfordshire in 2016/17, according to FTG chairman Duncan Jones. Since April 2017, 35 people have been prosecuted for fly tipping offences in the county and more than 100 fixed penalty notices have been issued.

SCRAP aims to ensure residents check and verify the waste carrier's details. People should ask exactly what is going to happen to their rubbish when it is collected and seek evidence that it will be disposed of appropriately. Paperwork should also be obtained, including an invoice, a waste transfer note, or a receipt.

Hertfordshire’s Police and Crime Commissioner, David Lloyd, said: “The public has a duty of care to ensure that their waste is disposed of responsibly and failure to do so could result in an unlimited line.

"This year I have committed over £50,000 of funding, including the purchase of new CCTV cameras for use at fly tipping hotspots."

Hertfordshire Constabulary’s Chief Constable Charlie Hall, said: “Fly tipping is a serious concern which can blight our communities.

"I therefore welcome the launch of this campaign as it is very important the public is more aware about its responsibilities when disposing of waste."

Check the Environment Agency or your borough council's website for more information.