Watford Labour Party congratulates Peter Taylor on his election as Watford’s next Mayor. We hope that he will be a Mayor for all the people and ensures no one is left behind. Watford is a diverse community with many people struggling to make ends meet. It is important that the next Mayor takes action to address disadvantage and stops implementing Tory austerity policies which have cut local services, increased taxes and charges to local people.

The result was not unexpected but there are reasons for Labour to be positive. On first preferences the Labour share of the vote was up by 7.5% on last time with the collapsed UKIP vote amongst white working class voters primarily returning to Labour.

On the final result there was a 4% swing to Labour from the Lib Dems.

Overall Labour’s share of the vote was 33% up from 27% in 2017; our best performance since 2001.

The continuing fall in the Tory vote now down to 20% overall with no councillors shows they can no longer win in Watford.

This puts Labour on course to win the parliamentary seat at the next general election which we only missed by 2092 votes last time. This result does not mark a return to three party politics but more a local Lib Dem brand that only works in Council Elections.”

We would like to pay tribute to our mayoral candidate Jagtar Singh Dhindsa, He has been the hardest working Labour candidate in any mayoral election and successfully reached out to local communities. Much of the swing to Labour is down to his exceptional work.

Mike Jackson

Chair, Watford Labour Party