The Watford Labour Party has paid tribute to a former cabinet minister who died on Saturday.

Dame Tessa Jowell died at the age of 70 following a battle with brain cancer after suffering a haemorrhage on Friday.

She played a major role in securing the 2012 Olympics for London when she served as culture secretary.

Watford Labour parliamentary candidate Chris Ostrowski said: "Tessa was a trailblazer in politics. She had that rare combination of personal warmth and determination and her achievements are easily recognised.

Without her we would not have had the Olympics in London in 2012 and the Sure Start children's centres - which Tessa created and which have benefited so many families in Watford - stand as testament to her political legacy.

"She touched the hearts of so many with her brave fight against cancer and her dignified way she approached her death. She campaigned for better funding for NHS treatment for cancers right up until the end.

"Her poignant last words she spoke in the House of Lords ‘In the end, what gives a life meaning is not only how it is lived, but how it draws to a close’ are a lesson for us all."