Schoolchildren will take part in a week-long campaign to gather donations for a homeless charity.

On May 25, pupils from Laurence Haines Primary and Nursery School in Watford are doing their bit for the needy during Nurture Week to help homeless charity, The New Hope Trust

In exchange for a mufti day where the children can come in casual clothes, they will encourage friends and family to donate simple household items such as soap, shower gel, toothbrushes, deodorant, clean socks and other essential toiletries.

All donations will be put into shoe boxes and distributed to the homeless in Watford, via New Hope.

The whole school will take part, learning about the six principles of Nurture: 

-    Children’s learning is understood developmentally;
-    The classroom is a safe base;
-    Nurture is important to develop self-acceptance;
-    Language is a vital means of communication;
-    All behaviour is communication; and,
-    Transitions are significant in the lives of children.

Nurture week, which runs from May 14 to 18, is the product of the NurtureUK charity who highlight the importance of social environments looking at emotional skills, well-being and behaviour. 

New Hope said on social media: “A big thanks to Laurence Haines Primary for choosing to support New Hope during their Nurture Week. 

“These items will be going straight to good use at the Haven Support Centre.”

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