Politicians have told us what Watford means to them as part of 'Our Town', a campaign which promotes everything good about the area.

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Cllr Rabi Martins, chairman of Watford Borough Council

Watford Observer:

I arrived in the UK in 1970 and lived in half a dozen other places before I moved to Watford in the 1980s.

Despite having worked all over the country I have never had the urge to live anywhere else.

That is because nowhere else have I found as strong a sense of community as in Watford.

I am particularly proud that the very many different communities that live in town make a special effort to share their culture.

But above all it is the strong relationship between the public and private sectors that lends its support to the very many individuals and organisations that do charitable work is what endears me most to Watford.

And I am delighted that as council chairman I will be able to do my bit for them too.

Cllr Martins is now chairman of Watford Borough Council.

In his speech as he was appointed he said: “Watford is an exceptional place a - family friendly town with a thriving economy supported and caring sharing community which has a host of organisations and volunteers who are always ready to step up to the plate regularly or at the drop of a hat.

“I will promote and support their work in every way I can.”

Chris Ostrowski, Watford Labour Party Parliamentary Candidate

Watford Observer:

I always connect Watford to family life as this is where my wife and I settled and where both our children were born.

The joy and chaos of raising a young family is familiar to many in our town and I wouldn’t wish to do it anywhere else.

Both children attend local primary schools and nurseries and frantic dash from platform 10 at Watford Junction, where the co-op nursery is situated, to Platform 9 for my daily commute, is something that many Watford residents can identify with!

The town is small enough to bump into friends every day and large enough to have a variety of activities – we’re never bored.

Vicki Costello, general manager, intu centre

Watford Observer:

Watford is about its people. There is a sense of community in our town that drives forward the desire to improve the over town experience, to ensure that it remains not just a fantastic place to live but for visitors to come to and experience what we are lucky to have; be it retail, leisure, education or the wonderful parkland and wildlife at Cassiobury.

Everyone I meet, customers, colleagues or new business partners, we all have the same passion for a town that we want to grow and develop for a new generation.