Cllr Karen Collett: Deputy mayor and cabinet member for community

“Watford has been my home now for 31 years and the day I moved here I immediately felt a sense of belonging.
"What impressed me the most was the people’s willingness to embrace change, support growth and to take ownership and get involved.
Watford is so fortunate to have caring and dedicated partners, organisations, volunteers and businesses that believe in working together for the benefit of everyone in this town. I think we are unique, as every day I come across clear examples of this happening right across our borough. 
"I feel grateful to live in a vibrant, successful town filled with wonderful people who really make this place special - that’s why I love Watford.”

The Rev Ian Pankhurst: Vicar, St Andrew's Church

Watford Observer:

"I came to live in Watford in 1973. I was 22 and I have lived here ever since, getting married and bringing up our children, through four different careers, and now vicar of St Andrew’s Church.
"I love Watford for its open spaces - its road and rail links - its schools, hospital and all the other public services. I am grateful that it is broadly prosperous. I love the diversity of people, the sense of neighbourhood, the variety of churches and the good relationships between faiths. I enjoy playing in the amateur orchestras in and around Watford.
"And there are so many lovely people who work - both paid and voluntarily - to help and care for people of all ages, with such dedication and in so many ways."

John Dowdle FRSA, chairman, Home Counties North (Beds, Bucks & Herts) Region, National Pensioners Convention

Watford Observer:

"Having lived here for 25 years, I find central Watford’s compactness highly attractive.
"Within a short walk of my home, a wide array of activities can be accessed.
"Leisure, theatre, music, meals and social activities are all on offer in central Watford.
"I love Watford’s Audentior sentiment – being audacious with a premier football club, a premier theatre and a premier entertainment venue in our town.
"Watford is way ahead of most other towns in terms of the arts, recreation and culture.
"What is missing is a University of Watford. How about it – West Herts College?"