A church wants to inspire volunteers to help them increase their presence in the local community to help make a difference.

The Seventh-day Adventist Church in Stanborough Park, Garston, is holding community days to help get more involved with the area.

It held the second of three events on Saturday, June 9.

Committee member Amanda Powell said: "It was so good to see so many people trying to help others and who were genuinely concerned, caring and giving their time and energy to do something.

"As well as trying to make links with each other and no doubt other agencies so that they can reach even more people and deliver support more effectively and/or point the people they are helping to other agencies if they cannot help."

It was organised by member Enoch Kanageraj, an employee of The Coop Food Retail in Watford.

Feeling church members would benefit from finding out more about their local community and how to become more involved he set up a 'Community Chaplaincy Service' at the church two years ago.

His aim was to build a connection between the church and local community showing what help was available.

Using his existing professional contacts Enoch began by inviting community groups to visit the church during the morning and afternoon and explain how they help the community and how the church community can help them.

Members of the local police force attended presenting crime prevention advice and asking local people to contact them with any concerns and also appealing for people to apply to be volunteers with the service.

Representatives from the Watford Women's Centre and Mencap also attended.

Sarah Flynn, the Women's Officer with the local Labour Party gave a lively and inspirational talk about promoting kindness and ways to help offset loneliness.

Stephen Phoenix, the founder of Homeless Warriors, which helps those sleeping rough on the streets of Watford, made a plea for donations.

Organiser Enoch Kanageraj, who plans to hold another Community Day on October 7, hopes to begin a project shortly at the church where the local needs are sought and volunteers found to help meet them, such as garden work for those now physically unable to undertake such tasks themselves.

He said: "We had great feedback from the members and the community leads; this is the right direction the church wants to move forward."