Watford Rotary Club has joined forces with the Watford Observer to launch this year's Youth Competitions - which celebrates talented youngsters. This year the club is running seven events, including young musician, youth speaks and technology tournament.

The Observer's Kelly Pells, herself a published writer, will also be a judge for the young writer category.

Most competitions are run on a multi-stage format, starting off with local heats run by individual Rotary clubs, running through until national finals.

Each competition varies, but all competitions are open to secondary school pupils aged 11-17, with a number of competitions also open to pupils as young as 7-years-old.

To take part and for more information see the Watford Rotary Website, or go to www.rotarygbi.org/projects/young-people/competitions/

For entry forms and application info; Fiona Daly, 113 Bushey Mill Crescent, Watford, Herts WD24 7RB. 01923 245194

Young Chef:

Fancy yourself as a budding cook? The Rotary Young Chef competition, sponsored by Filippo Berio, gives entrants the chance to put their culinary skills to the test and be judged by leading industry professionals. Entrants plan and cook a three course meal, develop their food presentation skills and gain experience in high pressure situations.Whether you’re keen for a culinary career or just an enthusiastic home cook, this competition is a fantastic opportunity. This is well worth the hard work; a trip to Tuscany and a cash prize. Entries by 20/12/18

Young Citizen Awards:

These awards recognise young people under the age of 25 who have demonstrated their commitment to citizenship, goodwill and understanding through various activities.

The awards can be for individuals or groups, for projects and initiatives that showcase positive citizenship and the important responsibilities assumed by young people.

Winners receive trophies and a £500 prize for their chosen charity. Nominees do not necessarily have to be working on a Rotary project to be eligible, they just have to be recognised by a local Rotary club as worthy of nomination. Entries by 1/1/19

Young Musician:

Share your gift of song or mastery of a musical instrument in Rotary’s Young Musician competition. Participants will get the chance to experience performing on a public stage and receive feedback from experienced judges, plus it offers a great chance for future collaboration with fellow musicians. Entrants can be either a vocalist or instrumentalist. 20/12/18

Young Photographer:

Photography has the power to capture special places, moments and memories. The Rotary Young Photographer competition gives participants the chance to express themselves through photography, interpret the competition’s annual brief in an imaginative way and experiment with digital and traditional methods. This year's subject is “The Beauty of Nature”. Entries by 1/2/19

Youth Speaks:

Challenge your public speaking abilities and perform, persuade and entertain the audience with your display of wit and knowledge of a topic. In teams of three participants present arguments and points of discussion, before taking questions from the judging panel who are, themselves, skilled orators. Participants can select a topic which is important to them, giving them an opportunity to delve deep into research, formulate ideas and build confidence. 1/11/18

Young Writer:

This competition offers participants chance to express themselves and get creative with the written word. After being given a theme, participants can choose to write fiction or non-fiction, a story or a poem. It’s a chance to be imaginative, this years theme is “My Inspiration”. 1/3/19

Technology Tournament:

Technology Tournaments are one day events for multiple teams of four students to engage with Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths (STEM) by collectively solving a previously unseen technology task. Rotary also offers. Each team is required to design, develop, build and then test their solution, with the tournament offering a fun way to develop team building, communication and time management skills. Applications by 1/1/19