A campaigner says results from his ‘Brexomiter’ poll show that people want a ‘People’s Vote’.

John Maguire, who is acting chairman of the Watford for Europe branch of the European Movement, held a street stall on Saturday September 22 in the centre of Watford.

Although just 79 people took part, Mr Maguire believes the results show the tide is turning towards a “sensible conclusion”.

He found that 55 wanted a people’s vote on the final deal and just four people thought Brexit was going well.

He shared his findings with Watford MP Richard Harrington.

He wrote: “I forward the results of the Brexitometer display below. Four people thought Brexit was going well, and only a handful thought it would be good for jobs, the economy and the NHS.

“79 people took part and 55 wanted a "People's Vote" on the final deal -70% of the total.

“This, together with the very positive outcome from the Labour Party conference and the magnificent speech by Keir Starmer, where he indicated that the "remain" option would need to be on the voting slip of a "People's Vote, shows the tide is turning towards a sensible conclusion.

“As your constituent, I urge you to vote any agreed deal down, if it fails to improve your constituents' lot, when it is debated in parliament in late October. It goes without saying that I would wish you to vote against a "no deal".

“Rejection of these two options leaves the country in an impasse. The only democratic way of unblocking this is for MPs, like yourself, to support a "Peoples Vote" with the option to remain. The people have been deceived by the "Leave" campaign.”

Today, Prime Minister Theresa May called for “cool, calm heads” as she insisted a Brexit deal was still “achievable”.