Dancers twirled and rocked their way to success in a competition.

Moonglow Dance School in Watford attended the ISTD DFR National Grand Finals day at the Guildford Spectrum.

They returned home victorious, with nine national champions and 28 of its dancers making the final sections.

The school competed in the set dance, rock and roll, street solos and pairs events, with an astonishing 28 dancers making it through to the finals.

Hannah Green and Jessie Peoples won the U12 Social Dance Test and Pre Bronze Rock ’n’ Roll Dance section.

Alexandra Hill and Lexie Wilshire won the under 14 Bronze and Below Rock ’n’ Roll section.

Kristyna Kovarova won the Under 12 Street solo event.

Lanie Grace Poole and Leo Basbaydar won the Under 12 Bronze and Below pairs section.

Abby Morrison and Cosmina Cutler won the Under 16 Silver/Gold Pairs section.