Richard Harrington counts as one of his proudest moments helping secure funding for a new Watford school ‘instilled with a Christian moral ethos’. (Watford Observer, November 9.) I cannot share his enthusiasm or sense of pride.

Faith schools, whatever their denomination, encourage division and intolerance in society, rather than integration and harmony.

What we need are properly-funded, excellent state schools with admissions policies which do not discriminate on the basis of faith. They should teach children the basic tenets of all key religions, as well as recognising and respecting the fact that some may choose to have no faith at all.

Mixing religion and education in a way which gives Mr Harrington such a misplaced sense of pride should be consigned decisively to the past. We should also ensure that we do the same with Mr Harrington as our local MP at the earliest possible opportunity.

David Monk

Upper Highway, Kings Langley