A woman has hosted a light show at her house to carry on a tradition that her father created.

Kellyanne Spicer, 30, of Orchard Way, Knebworth, had a Christmas switch on that was open to the public on Saturday.

Originally from London the Spicer's moved to Kings Langley when Kelly was just a girl and since 2002 used to light up his house upon the December 1 every year.

For years Tony Spicer, 64, used to dress up as father Christmas and light up his house for the Christmas season – his display would raise money for the Watford birthing unit.

However, he injured himself when he fell off a ladder while putting up lights in 2012 and was later diagnosed with Alzheimer’s in 2015.

However, his injury which caused nerve damage forced him to give up the tradition since 2013 and stop putting on displays outside his house.

Starting to lose the movement of his right arm, Tony now has learnt how to write with his left hand but expects to be in a wheelchair in a matter of years, due to nerve damage after his fall.

Mr Spicer has since sold the family home as his condition developed and has since moved to Sarratt.

He said: “I’m a Londoner and we look after each other and the family is important.

“I was heartbroken when I couldn’t do the lights anymore because I love the kids.

“I’m starting to lose the ability to move, but I have always told my wife that whatever happens to me happens I’m not sad and I’m not angry.

“People have done their best for me and I receive so much support.

“I exercise, and I keep my mind strong with crosswords so im fine.

“When I saw what Kelly had done I was so happy, she’s the only one mad enough to do what I did.”

Kellyanne has decided to take up the mantle and carry on with the family tradition at her own home in Knebworth.

In addition to the lights, she will also make a 26-mile trek from the British Legion in Knebworth to the Boot Pub in Sarratt on December 22.

Tony will come along dressed up as Santa Claus and will stop in every village along the way to greet children and meet them at grotto that the pub have made for him.

You can help them raise funds for Alzheimer’s at their JustGiving page at: www.justgiving.com/fundraising/kellyanne-spicer?fbclid=IwAR3m7AmfVB5U-yNMYCDYNd1Qi0oSw-ijDUcZwIV2Sqa44gptLGet3mErpBs&utm_id=124