A mother and newlywed who was told she had two weeks left to live has died – only a week after her wedding.

Tasha Burton and Daniel Corley got married at the Hospice of St Francis in Berkhamsted.

Tasha, 36, of Ladies Grove, St Albans, was only admitted to the hospice’s inpatient unit at 10am on Tuesday and at 1pm on Wednesday November 28 she and her fiancé Daniel Corley were married.

But on Thursday, Tasha, the mum of a 19-month-old boy, Alaric, died at 5.30pm.

Her husband, Daniel, said in a Facebook post: "I am truly sorry to have to tell you that my beautiful wife sadly lost her fight tonight at 5.30pm.

"She passed away peacefully surrounded by love.

“I am absolutely devastated but know that she will live on through our beautiful son Alaric.

“Tasha was surrounded by family and friends and fought to stay with us for as long as she could.

“She was a truly special person and will be missed by many people, especially her husband, son and family.”

Tasha got engaged to Daniel in 2016 and gave birth to their son.

When Alaric was still little, Tasha soon learned she had bowel cancer.

After more than a year battling the disease, doctors discovered the cancer had spread to her liver and her lymph nodes - she was told she would only have two weeks to live.

Tasha was then moved to a hospice where the couple, still engaged, only had 36 hours to organise their wedding.

Despite the odds, the couple along with the help of friends, family and businesses across Hertfordshire made sure their day was special.

Before she died, Tasha and her family had set up a JustGiving page where they were hoping to raise £5,000 for Tasha.

Since her death, the family are 85 per cent closer to hitting their target.

If you wish to donate to the family you should visit: https://www.justgiving.com/crowdfunding/supportingtashasjourney/updates/3e304?utm_term=kXDvgNBVb&fbclid=IwAR3bRnoBFvVGqpQUaswxfqx6Q2L00kg4_qXlK95CRXhgo9XCUisot_fodcU

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