A “completely selfless” volunteer who cares for helpless animals has been nominated for the Watford Observer Community Heroes Award.

Dawn Lewis from Kitty Kat Rescue & Rehoming in South Oxhey was recommended for the award by Rebecca Yusaf who has supported Dawn’s charity in the past. 

Dawn has run Kitty Kat Rescue single-handedly for nine years and has dedicated herself to the rescue and care of cats found in her area.

She actively takes part in community events such as carboot sales to raise the money necessary to finance her charity, but Dawn receives no other financial support.

She also helps to care for and rehome stray dogs, all for the “satisfaction that she has saved a life”.

Rebecca said of Dawn: “She is completely selfless and has dedicated her life and home to rescuing cats, who would have undoubtedly died without her help, love and care.

“Dawn is everyone's first point of contact when a cat is found. She is also called upon when a dog is found on the street. Nothing is too much for her and she is always ready to help when an animal is in need.

“It would be wonderful if she could be recognised for all the work she does. There is no financial reward for Dawn. Just the satisfaction that she has saved a life.

“Dawn never gives up hope and does her utmost to ensure that all animals have a better life. Without her, many animals would suffer and many families would be without their beloved cat.”

Speaking about her nomination, Dawn said: "I’m quite a humble person, I just do what I do and get on with it.

It’s nice to be nominated, I’m quite shocked really."

In addition to her work with the animals, Dawn is also a full-time bookkeeper. She has lived in South Oxhey for 18 years but previously lived in Pinner. She has one daughter. 

Dawn said all animals are taken to the vet for checks and given the proper vaccinations before being microchipped. 

She added: "I do it because I love to do it, I've grown up with animals and it’s something like to do."
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