A pair of dogs were rescued and resuscitated following a canal boat fire.

On Tuesday morning, fire crews from Rickmansworth and Watford station were called to Grand Union Canal, close to the Aquadrome.

There they were confronted with a small blaze on a long boat, but the situation was severe as the boat had filled with smoke - and two dogs were trapped inside.

When firefighters rescued the animals, Sean Good, leading the operation, said they looked "lifeless" and was unsure whether they would survive.

Using specialist Smokey Paws equipment, after around 20 minutes, the dogs began responding and were soon back to full health.

Mr Good says he believes had they not had the equipment with them, the dogs would have died.

It is the first time the life-saving equipment has been used in Rickmansworth.

The rescue comes just days after a dog was rescued further up the Grand Union Canal after getting trapped near a lock.