Angry commuters endured a third evening of chaos at a station car park.

Motorists are getting increasingly frustrated with reports it is taking more than hour to get out of Watford Junction car park due to ongoing drainage works in Clarendon Road.

It has since emerged the temporary lights at the junction of St John’s Road were not supposed to be in action during peak hours.

Station Road has become gridlocked as a result of the lights leaving the exit at Watford Junction blocked.

Watford Borough Councillor Stephen Cavinder tweeted: “What’s with the exit from Watford Junction station car park. Almost haven’t moved for 30 minutes”, while another user described the situation as “appalling” and appealed for someone to “take responsibility” of the situation.

Drivers have appealed for help from Watford MP Richard Harrington, Watford Council, the county council, and even the operators of Watford Junction.

Yesterday, Mr Harrington wrote to the station managers at Watford Junction.

He said: “Many have contacted me out of frustration that it has taken up to an hour and a half to exit a car park, I am sure you will agree this is unacceptable. I have been asked several times why the exit onto St Albans Road cannot be opened. This appears to be a solution that would alleviate the congestion issues.”

Mayor of Watford Peter Taylor added: “It’s completely unacceptable for commuters to have to wait hours to get out of Watford Junction Station car park. The current car park at Watford Junction is simply not suitable and it is vital that we get improvements here.

“I have taken this up with Herts Highways and the station management so that this doesn’t keep happening.”

Watford Observer:

Watford Observer:

The roadworks in Clarendon Road

Hertfordshire County Council is looking into a solution.

A spokesman said: “The signals on Clarendon Road were permitted to be in place between 9:30am - 4pm. However, Ringway encountered issues on site which has resulted in the signals being in place 24/7.

"We are currently awaiting an update from the project manager as to whether the signals can now return to 9:30 - 4pm only. If not, we will arrange for additional signage and for the traffic signals to be manually controlled during peak hours to ease congestion in the area until it is safe to remove the signals.”

The work is scheduled to finish on February 8.