Nine elderly women have been given a month to find a new place to live after their care provider said their building posed “significant” safety concerns.

Abbeyfield West Herts Society wrote to residents of Tanners Wood assisted living in Abbots Langley and their families on Wednesday, telling them they have “30 days” to vacate following a recent survey that found the building was not meeting fire regulations.

In a letter the independent charity said combined safety costs and “other works” needed at Tanners Wood would use up “all” its financial reserves – and all were “important safety items”.

The charity said it will work to rehome residents in other Abbeyfield homes within a ten-mile radius.

Tanners Wood resident Mavis Boarder, 86, has been living at the care home since December 2012.

Her son, Adrian, is worried for his mother’s future and said the whole affair is “incense-making”.

“To take elderly ladies and give them 30 days to find a new home…they are being forcefully relocated and if people can’t place them, they are homeless.

“The same applies if Abbeyfield don’t have a vacancy or if the resident doesn’t want to be moved.

“I’m incensed. They have known for several months about the risk assessment and the very serious expensive issues and they have left it until now to tell us.

“There are nine residents including my mum who are all facing the same very stressful predicament.

“Residents are being told to leave but Abbeyfield are not saying what they will do with the building afterwards.

“They were very vague about what placing they have for people. I live just down the road but as soon as they relocate my mum it could mean driving to her.

“They may have space at their Kings Langley site but then it could become a scrap for spaces.”

Mr Boarder said his mother has suffered with anxiety and previously lived in a warden assisted flat but that she had trouble going to bed by herself.

She also had a heart attack in 2012.

“Tanners Wood was the best option, otherwise she would be alone all day,” he said.

Mr Boarder said he believed Abbeyfield had not notified Three Rivers District Council of the fate of the “nine vulnerable ladies”, adding: “It would’ve been nice to give them proper warning.”

“My mum is well known in Abbots Langley as she worked as a playground attendant and cleaner at Abbots JMI for several years.

“We would like it to stay open and to find a way to finance the repairs.”

Mr Boarder said he had contacted the council in the event Abbeyfield cannot place his mother.

A spokesperson for Abbeyfield West Herts Society said: "After careful consideration the Abbeyfield West Herts Society has arrived at the difficult decision to close Tanners Wood House. Abbeyfield West Herts has been advised that the current building has some health and safety concerns that have led to this decision to close.

"The welfare of those who live with us is always priority and as such, we will endeavour to help all residents to relocate before official closure of the home. We are also supporting our staff to help them find suitable alternative employment, wherever possible, in an effort to avoid redundancy.

"This is a sad time for all of us at the Abbeyfield West Herts Society. The staff, residents and their families at the house have been informed of this decision and Abbeyfield staff will be on hand to help and support each resident throughout the closure process."

Tanners Wood were not available for comment.