Two south Hertfordshire MPs are reported to be part of a high-level push to ensure a no-deal Brexit is taken off the table.

Justice Secretary David Gauke and business and industry minister Richard Harrington are among nine ministers threatening to resign next week to stop Theresa May allowing the UK to leave the EU without a deal.

Journalist and presenter Robert Peston yesterday reported Mr Gauke was among four Cabinet members to meet the Prime Minister on Monday, followed by five junior ministers, including Mr Harrington.

They delivered an ultimatum to the Prime Minster to ask the EU to delay Brexit if it was not possible to get a deal through Parliament before March 29.

If not, they said they would resign and vote for the Cooper Letwin amendment, forcing her to ask for a delay.

The amendment would seek to force Theresa May to avoid a no-deal by setting aside time for a Parliamentary bill.

In the event that she fails to reach a deal by mid-March, she would be obliged to put a motion before the House proposing either a no-deal exit or to put down a motion to extend Article 50 – a measure most MPs would prefer.

Mr Harrington and Mr Gauke have each made it clear in the past that they would find it difficult to support a no-deal outcome.

In his column in this week’s Watford Observer, Mr Harrington announced his fears for a “catastrophic” economic outcome if a deal is not reached, adding that an orderly departure from the EU was only possible with a “compromise” that would command a majority in the House of Commons.

In a January interview with BBC Newsnight, Mr Harrington said he would “definitely” resign to block a no-deal, hinting other ministers may be prepared to do the same.

Asked if he would resign as a minister to prevent a no-deal Brexit, Mr Harrington said: “Definitely, I would.”

He added: "The Prime Minister knows everybody’s views and I think my view is not an uncommon one.

"But we fully support the Prime Minister’s deal and I think it will get through."

His comments came shortly after Justice Secretary David Gauke said he would find it "very difficult" to stay in Government if it opted for a no-deal outcome.

Mr Harrington said: “It’s my hope that the Prime Minister’s deal goes through and we can leave the EU in an orderly way. But if it doesn’t happen, then I will have to do right by my constituents, and businesses in Watford, and vote for any amendment that stops a no deal.”

Mr Gauke has been approached for comment.

Mr Harrington’s column in the Watford Observer yesterday