Police discovered some dangerous weapons during a search of Watford town centre yesterday.

As part of a nationwide crackdown on knife crime, officers in Watford conducted weapon sweeps in the town centre looking through hedges and undergrowth.

During the search, they found two knives, a hammer, and a knuckle duster.

Police say criminals hide away weapons until they believe it is safe enough to come back and collect them.

Watford Observer:

A knuckle duster, pieces of metal shaped to fit around a person's knuckles to hit or punch someone

Watford Observer:

In total, two knives were found

Further sweeps will be taking place across the town this week.

People are also being encouraged to hand in any unwanted knives. Weapons can be surrendered at Watford police station, in Sandy Lane, without the fear of being prosecuted.

A knife amnesty is happening in Hertsmere too this week.

Latest figures by the Office for National Statistics show that between April 2010 and September 2018, Hertfordshire has seen an 89 per cent increase in knife crime – the largest increase across the eastern region of England.