A Liberal Democrat councillor has resigned.

Antony Barton stood down as councillor for Meriden ward to focus on his career working for ITV in London yesterday.

His departure opens up a casual vacancy at Watford Council which a candidate may stand for during the local election in May.

Meriden residents will vote for two councillors, the one with the highest number of votes will serve a full four-year term and the other candidate will serve the remaining term Cllr Barton would have served.

Amanda Grimston, who is currently also a Meriden ward councillor, is up for election in May.

She said: “Anthony made his decision at the weekend. He has a high-powered job in London, he’s spread thin and feels he cannot give the community what he would really wish to.

“You have to give him credit for saying this and I think he has done the honourable thing. I wish him all the best.”