A year after a mother-of-six was killed in Watford town centre, her family are still searching for answers.

Gail Miller was run over by a skip lorry at the junction of High Street and Market Street a year ago this week.

She sustained fatal injuries in the collision outside Moss Bros. and NatWest shortly after 1pm on March 12.

A year on, her husband of 41 years, Guy, has spoken about the impact her death has had on him and their children – and how the family cannot move on until full details of what happened come to light.

Mr Miller, a pastor, said: “Nothing prepares you for the journey of having a loved one taken from you.

“One minute they are there, and the next, no sound - no: ‘You left the toilet seat up again’.

“There are times when you ask, ‘what on Earth am I doing?’”

Watford Observer:

Guy, daughter Rachel and granddaughter Iliani (9 months)

Mr and Mrs Miller were devout members of Elim Pentecostal Church in St Albans Road, where her husband is still the pastor. The couple, of Bushey Mill Lane, had six children and ten grandchildren.

Mrs Miller, 59, had worked at the Disney Store at intu for 20 years.

Mr Miller added: “Things have been difficult on every level because everything has changed for us and of course we had no warning,

“You can’t just write someone out of your life who has been a pillar for so long and when that pillar of your family is gone it is rocky for a time.

“You can imagine how it has impacted my children and grandchildren. The last grandchild, Gail never knew. Mum and two grandchildren live with me now. The impact of change is astonishing, I’m like a 60-year-old dad again.

A year later, an inquest is still yet to be announced when Mrs Miller’s family will hear the events that led up to her death.

Watford Observer:

Mr Miller said: “I have always said I am not looking to blame, I just want to know what happened.

“A year later we still have no closure. We can reconcile it being to the hands of God but as a person and husband and now a widower, mere words cannot bring comfort.

“Nothing prepares you for the emotions felt, nor for feelings that rush in without warning. For the sake of the family, you stand, your faith is strong, but you feel.

“To many, Gail Miller isn’t anyone of major importance. But she was my wife of more than 40 years and mother of my six children.

“All I want is for an investigation to be done properly and righteously.”

A day before she died, Mrs Miller delivered what would be her final sermon at Elim Pentecostal Church. In it, she spoke about what a privilege it was to be a mother and how vital love was in society.