Police are not looking into fraud allegations made against a councillor during his time at the Jewish Leadership Council (JLC).

Cllr Jeremy Newmark, who is Hertsmere Labour group leader, was being investigated after an independent report looked into finances relating to Cllr Newmark’s time as chief executive of the JLC – a position he resigned from in 2013.

The report found that £111,734 of JLC funds could not be accounted for while a further £266,189 prompted further investigation.

The report, which was compiled by a three-person panel of independent forensic accountants, said it was “seriously hampered” by a lack of documentary information.

Some information, which was not published in the report, was handed to the police.

Mr Newmark was chief executive of the JLC for seven years until he stood down in 2013 citing reasons of ill-health.

Mr Newmark has always denied the claims.

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The report can be found here