Two people have been arrested following a police chase that ended in Watford.

A police helicopter was reported to be hovering over the high street for more than half an hour at around 2am last night, searching for the occupants of a car abandoned in Water Lane.

Hertfordshire Constabulary said the vehicle had been pursued from an unknown location up the M1 before getting off at Junction 5 and heading into the town centre.

One onlooker, woken up by the “strong noise” of a helicopter in the early hours, said their windows were shaking because the aircraft was flying so low, and that they saw police officers “in black” running near King Street towards intu.

“There were lights flashing in blue and red. My window was shaking and I got pretty scared thinking something bad was up,” they said.

Another woman said she was also woken up by the noise and saw “loads of police” heading towards town.

A man and woman were arrested and taken into custody by Met Police.

Met Police cannot yet confirm where the chase started.

We will update this when we know more.