A teenager who launched a savage knife attack on another youth at a house party in London Colney was ordered to be locked up for six years.

Lician Savin from Borehamwood, who at the time was 17, had gone to the party on Friday, September 2, 2017 carrying a massive carving knife with a blade 20cm long.

His victim was another teen who was standing on his own in the living room of the house while a friend he was with was out of the room.

Suddenly the youth, who was also 17, heard someone shouting from behind him “Have you got a problem with me?”

Prosecutor Daniel Higgins told St Albans crown court on Wednesday: “He noticed Savin walk towards him purposely.”

In the next moment the victim felt what he thought were punches from Savin landing on his head, his back and shoulders.

The court was told the boy tried to defend himself and it was then that Savin and others ran from the house in Norris Close, in Napsbury Park, and jumped into a car that sped off.

Judge Stephen Warner was told that it was only when the youth was outside the house that he discovered he had been stabbed a number of times.

The court heard he suffered multiple stab wounds to his head, his shoulder and armpit as well as slash wounds to his back. He had also suffered a broken finger.

Savin, now 19, of Hawkins Close, Borehamwood, pleaded guilty to a charge of wounding with intent to cause serious bodily harm and possession of a bladed article.

Photos of the gaping wounds the victim suffered were shown in court and the judge was told he had required surgery after being taken to hospital in an ambulance.

Savin was arrested the next day and it emerged he was already on bail for at the time for an offence of attempted robbery.

The prosecutor said after fleeing from the house Savin had wrapped up the knife in clothing and handed it to another youth to dispose of.

It was subsequently found by police at the other boy’s home and when forensically examined found to have the victim’s blood still on it.

Judge Warner was told the victim of Savin’s vicious attack had suffered permanent scarring and deep psychological effects.

A statement by his parents was also read out in court in which they told how their son had changed from a happy outgoing boy to someone who was introverted and who rarely went out.

“We would like our old son back who wants to live life to the full and experience things,” they said.

Defending Savin, Andel Singh said since the offences his client had “changed substantially” and had not committed any further offences.

“Nothing I can say can diminish the seriousness of the offence,” he said, adding “I accept this was a horrendous attack for no reason at all.”

He went on: “Nothing I can say can express the remorse he feels.

Passing sentence, Judge Warner said: “Those who go out armed with knives can expect to lose their liberty for a significant amount of time."

The judge said the attack that night had been “horrendous.”

He sentenced Savin to six years detention in a young offenders' institute.