Residents at a care home had an early Easter surprise when a clutch of duck eggs hatched.

The eggs had been incubated at Bupa Care Home Erskine Hall in Watford Road, Northwood, for four days when the ducklings emerged on April 1.

The thrilled residents, relatives and staff gave the little ducklings names, which are Quackers, Donald, Huey, Louis, Dewey and Daffy.

Pet therapy is used throughout Bupa care homes, and the new arrivals caused excitement amongst the home’s residents, relatives and staff.

Home manager at Erskine Hall Russell Sharp said: “This had been an incredible experience.

“The residents have loved interacting with the little ducklings this is definitely something we will look to do again next year.”

The six ducklings, provided by Incredible Eggs, will help provide pet therapy and comfort for the residents.