A vet has confirmed the injuries that led to the death of a cat found lying in a street were inflicted by a human.

The body of the mutilated animal was found in the Oxhey area of Watford on Sunday morning.

SNARL, the animal rescue charity which has been looking into numerous animal mutilations, is linking the death to its investigation into the notorious ‘UK animal killer’.

However, there is no evidence at this stage to suggest that this 'animal killer' was involved in this incident.

The Metropolitan Police launched its own investigation after reports of mutilated cats, rabbits, and other pets – but in September said that foxes were most likely to blame for the killings.

In a statement on its Facebook page on Sunday, SNARL (South Norwood Animal Rescue and Liberty) said: “We confirm that we are investigating an incident which has occurred in the WD19, Oxhey Village area.

"One of our team attended this morning and whilst we are awaiting a vet review of the injuries we believe the death of this cat to be linked to our investigation. The family has children, one of whom found the body and has asked specifically for their location not to be shared here or elsewhere on social media.

“Our thoughts are with the family today. Rest in peace little one xx”.

SNARL say the vet believes the injuries suffered by the cat were caused by a person. The cat’s wounds have even been double checked by a vet in the USA and the same conclusion has been drawn.

The nature of the cat’s injuries have not been publicly revealed.

Boudicca Rising, who co-runs SNARL, has warned people to keep their pets inside at night.

She said: “This was a really nasty one. The injuries suffered by this cat are identical to ones we have seen before where parts have been returned months later.

“Keep animals inside or keep thing locked and secure and please report something suspicious as soon as it happens.

“We also urge people to check their CCTV. We will get more chances to catch this guy and one day he will make a mistake and he may be caught on camera.”

A local SNARL volunteer, who does not want to be named, says this is not the first incident of this type in Oxhey.

If you do find something that looks suspicious, you can contact Boudicca on 07957830490.