intu has joined forces with musicians and nature to bring joy to shoppers through birdsong.

The initiative to reconnect people with the sounds of nature aims to make shoppers smile as new research found that four in five people in Watford (80 find listening to birdsong makes them happier.

Wildlife television presenter Kate Humble, who has presented shows, including Springwatch, is backing the campaign.

Watford Observer:

She said: “Scientific studies show contact with nature has a hugely beneficial impact on our mental wellbeing. So many people shut out the natural sounds around them by wearing headphones to listen to music, but they are denying themselves the wonderful effects nature can have.”

It officially launches this Saturday with sounds from Britain’s ten greatest songbirds, including robins and nightingales, in a specially-created 12-foot ‘tweet tree’.

The tree will play a 10-minute track featuring soothing birdsong tones created by BAFTA-winning ambient music producer Laurence Love Greed.

Watford Observer:

Vicki Costello, general manager at intu Watford, said: “We’re bringing the sounds of the great outdoors into our centres to encourage our shoppers to reconnect with nature.”

The birdsong soundscapes will be played at intu shopping centres around the country including intu Watford, intu Trafford Centre, intu Lakeside and intu Metrocentre throughout the month of May.