Pupils at a primary school received a visit from an artist who helped them create structures made from willow in their school field.

The year five children at St Meryl school in Watford spent two days with Anji Artist after they were awarded a grant from the Arts Society Rickmansworth.

The children planted and bent willow into the structure of a dome and a tunnel which will then grow to provide shade in the summer for future year groups to enjoy.

Watford Observer:

Anji said: “I like the idea of working with groups of people and individuals and giving them the opportunity to see how creative they can be.

“Some people feel like they’re not creative and think art is just being good about drawing but its about using their own imagination.”

“I really enjoyed working with the children they were open to ideas and in small groups they communicated well using materials they haven’t used before.”

Watford Observer:

Headteacher at St Meryl, Michele Geddes, said: “This was a fantastic opportunity for the children to be inspired by someone making a living as an artist.

“The children enjoyed working together in the fresh air to create something that will be enjoyed by the pupils for years to come.”