A loyal Hornets fan has written a song for his team ahead of the FA Cup Final.

Watford FC face Manchester City at Wembley on May 18 and Watford-born Matt Churchill has written The Best Trip, a song celebrating the team’s achievements.

The 33-year-old said he first decided to pen the song after such a long wait for Watford to get to the final - they last reached it in 1984, only to lose to Everton.

Proceeds will go to the Watford FC Community Trust, which runs activity programmes in Hertfordshire, Harrow and Hillingdon.

He said: “I was on the train coming back from work on the Thursday after the semi-final and it struck me that, after a 35-year wait to get into the final, it would be a missed opportunity if there wasn’t a song to celebrate.

“I thought it would also be a great chance to do something to help the community, so it made sense to try to use a song to raise some money for a good cause and the Watford Community Trust made perfect sense.”

Mr Churchill has been a loyal fan of Watford FC since 1994, and he added: “I’m a season ticket holder in The Rookery and the Everton game was my 500th.

“My best mate Elliot managed to get a picture of my dad and I in the programme about it, which was a life-goal met.

“My favourite Watford goal was a Derek Payne overhead kick against Sheffield United - I wrote a song about that.”

Music has been a passion of Mr Churchill’s for as long as he can remember.

He and his brother were in a band called Cedar and started recording songs from an early age.

He said: “As Cedar we were playing regularly around Watford, St Albans and in London and released an EP called Black Sparks.

“We split up when everyone went to university, so I’ve been gigging and releasing music as a solo artist since 2007.

“In 2014 I recorded a seven-track album of songs about Watford FC called Hoist Up the Watford Flag.

“Alongside the more serious music I recently released an EP called Submarines producing The Best Trip and releasing it under the guise of Watford Songs was a no-brainer.”

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