An ex-para will make a commemorative parachute drop on the 75th anniversary of D-Day.

Ex-Paratrooper Frank Fletcher from Rickmansworth has volunteered to raise money by making sponsored parachute drops over Caen in Normandy and later Arnhem in the Netherlands: “I wanted to make the two jumps as a mark of respect for my former colleagues and to commemorate what they achieved.

“I have seen facial wounds as a result of conflict, and the work of maxillofacial surgeons and the support both charities give is amazing – and that’s why it’s important to raise awareness and money to continue the work they do.” Frank Fletcher said.

The drop takes place on D-Day June 5 and another on September 17.

As in 1944 the jumps will take place from a Dakota aircraft.

Mr Fletcher will make the drop from one of the more than 30 Dakota aircraft that will make an epic cross-channel flight on June 5.

The para will also be jumping alongside ‘good mate’ ex-para and fire fighter Adam Coppin from St Albans.

The flights are part of the Imperial War Museum’s (IWM) D-Day75 anniversary week of events Daks Over Duxford.

Over two days there will be mass parachute jumps and flight displays ahead of the cross-channel flight to Normandy.

On D-Day 24,000 Paratroopers and glider- borne soldiers dropped into Normandy spearheading the beach landings that started the liberation of Western Europe.