An Elstree writer has written a book detailing his own real life Breaking Bad story.

James Lubbock was a normal student with an ordinary life and conventional parents. However, his life changed forever when both of his parents came out as gay within weeks of each other. His father, Richard, formerly a well-respected Jewish coin dealer, hit the gay club scene in London. Richard traded in coin dealing for drug dealing, and became Britain’s most wanted meth dealer.

James said: “I was aware that I was sitting on an incredible story, and this kept being reinforced to me every time I told a friend, colleague or family member by their reaction: incredulity and amazement.

“I was also conscious of other films/TV shows on at the time that included elements of my experience. I Love You Phillip Morris was a film about a dad coming out the closet - both my parents came out within two weeks of each other! Breaking Bad was a huge TV show about a middle class dad becoming a meth dealer - my dad was a true life former meth dealer from a similar mould.”

Breaking Bad stars Bryan Cranston as mild-mannered chemistry teacher Walter White, who uses his skills to create a crystal meth lab.

Similarly, Richard used his business skills to create a drugs empire. He sold his house in Elstree and bought two penthouse apartments in East London, from which he started dealing drugs.

In 2009 police raided Richard’s flat and discovered a haul of crystal meth with a street value of £1.5million. He was subsequently jailed for eight years, and in that time missed both his son’s wedding and the birth of his granddaughter. But going to prison helped him to kick his drugs habit.

James said: “I felt that if I didn’t at least try and record this story for posterity at the very least, I’d regret it forever. I got the sense that if something else came along that was similar I would be gutted that I hadn’t at least tried to get it out there first.

“So initially it was just to write a book, then share with future family generations. Once we had a finished book we then tried to get a publishing deal and obviously succeeded, but I never imagined it would happen, let alone the media attention we’re now receiving.”

Watford Observer:

Senior Commissioning Editor at Mirror Books, Ajda Vucicevic said: “Breaking Dad is a compelling and darkly comic account of one man finding out that his dad is a crystal meth dealer – and how this comes to affect all of his relationships as well as his own life. It also explores how a normal, mild-mannered father from the suburbs can fall into the shady underground world of drug-dealing in London. It’s a fascinating insight, and stranger than fiction account of their experience that I am sure readers will love.”

Breaking Dad is published by Mirror Books and is available now.