A charity that helps vulnerable and disadvantaged pregnant women and babies in the rural villages in Africa held their meeting to raise vital funds in a church.

Mamas in need was formed by a British born mum of 4 Nina Kalu - Both her parents are Nigerians and she spent the first 16 years of her life growing up in Nigeria before moving back to the UK.

Mamas in need recently held their 1st annual Fundraising event at the Stanborough Park Church in Watford on May 5.

A spokesperson said: “This event was about bringing to the limelight the work that had been done to date.

“It was also about giving our community an insight of who we are, why we exist and how they can be a part of the movement to carry the vision forward into the 21st century fashion.

Ms Kalu said: “I come from a village called Abiriba.

“It is a small village in Abia state, located in the eastern part of Nigeria. It is previously known as small London.

“It has not stopped to amuse me when comparing London in UK and the small London as Abiriba was previously known.

“Abiriba people are very enterprising with rich culture and history.

“Very often l go to Nigeria on holidays and each time I get to the village, I am heart broken by what I see, that the widening gap between the rich and poor gets lengthened.

“I see the contrast between the middle class and the poor, the next-door neighbour could be spilling champagne cognac every night during the Christmas holidays, while some family would be struggling to feed her little babies.”

Looking for donations of any size will help us save thousands of lives the charity says.

You can help save more lives and prevent maternal and infant mortality in Africa by visiting www.mamasinneed.org.uk