A horse sanctuary was trashed last night leaving its founder pondering whether she can continue with her work.

Julie Blake turned up at Cecil’s Horse Sanctuary in Elstree this morning to a scene of chaos.

Two horses had been shut into stables with no food or water, ponies had been let out of a pen, storage sheds and caravans had been trashed, the electric fence had been turned off, and a number of the horses had been mixed up.

Watford Observer:

Caravans and sheds were trashed

Although it is believed nothing was taken, the break-in has left Julie “distressed”.

After revealing what had happened on Facebook, dozens of people shared messages in support of the sanctuary and more than £1,000 has been raised through donations.

In the past, animals at the sanctuary have been targeted and equipment has been stolen. In July last year, an aerosol can was sprayed into the face of three-year-old Roxy, while the sanctuary suffered an outbreak of strangles when all the horses were mixed up when a gate was left open.

Julie began rescuing ponies ten years ago. Some of the animals are unwanted, blind or deaf. There are around 40 horses and ponies under Julie’s care.

Watford Observer:

Watford Observer:

Seven days a week, with days beginning at 5am, takes its toll especially when Julie has to share her time between Elstree and her other field in Luton.

Following the latest break-in, Julie said: “After a very difficult week, this was the last straw to find our sanctuary violated by these vile people.

“Every morning is difficult as we always have one animal fighting the odds never knowing if they will be okay. For this to be added, and which feels on a regular basis, is deplorable. I am great believer in the right to stand up and be counted, to stand by your convictions and to face things head on.

“However, slowly but slowly, these people destroy everything until nothing is left.

I always thought we were here just for the ponies and everything would be resolved, but in fact it would appear we will be forever facing a sad world.

“Your comments on our page have given me hope and the resolution to carry on and try and improve things for the ponies. Thank you.”