Anthony Bramley-Harker proposes that the old Croxley line be turned into “an open space for all” (New life for rail line, Letters, May 31). Considering that the track-bed is predominantly in a cutting or on embankment, I cannot imagine the ideas he might have.

Whilst the original rail link was a financial no-brainer (£500 million+) one might consider the possibility of a light tram, running at road level across the two bridges (the rail viaduct crossing of which consumed a major proportion of the budget) to link Watford and Rickmansworth via Croxley Met line. But then how many people would use it?

Looking at the traffic flows in West Watford, of significant benefit would be to provide a width and weight-limited non-stop car link route from the old Ascot Road, under Tolpits Lane, Vicarage Road and then merge onto the new Tom Sawyer Way just before the Wiggenhall Road lights. If not wide enough to make it two-way, then even one way from Ascot Road would remove a tremendous number of vehicles off the Watford ring-road. Worried about noise? Install ANPR cameras to enforce an average 30mph speed limit and possibly a use prohibition between 8pm to 7am.

What cost for 1.3miles of road and drainage on an already flat surface plus pedestrian underpass below Laurence Haines?

N King

Mayfare, Croxley Green