A passenger said he does not blame a bus driver for kicking everyone off a bus two weeks ago.

Bus passengers on May 30 were told to leave Arriva’s W10 service while it was in Gammons Lane, Watford.

In a report published by the Watford Observer on June 5, a disabled woman said she was left “stranded” after everyone had to get off the packed bus.

A 22-year-old man who was at the front of the bus claims he knows why the driver reacted the way he did.

The man, who did not want to be named, said on the day of the incident, a fellow passenger was complaining to the bus driver after he missed his stop.

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The passenger claimed he had pressed the ‘stop’ bell, but the driver claimed he did not hear the bell and a disagreement ensued.

He told the Observer: “The driver said the bell notification didn’t pop up on the dashboard and then he asked another passenger if they had heard the bell and they said no.

“The driver told the passenger who disagreed with him to get off and then gave him three warnings, saying if he did not get off, he would kick everyone off.

“But the passenger kept on asking. The driver looked stressed.

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“Then the driver said ‘I’m switching off the engine, everyone off’. The driver did swear. He said he was fed up and he had had enough of all our attitudes.

“We all tried to calm the driver down but he was adamant. Another bus pulled up behind and a lot of people got on it.”

The witness, who said he waited 90 minutes at Watford Junction for a W10 to turn up, has backed the driver’s actions.

He said: “I think the driver had every right to do what he did. The bell was working fine, although I did hear that a lot of people said they would be making complaints.”

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He added the long wait for the next bus was because of roadworks and defended the company, saying the buses have been on schedule since.

The mayor of Watford, Peter Taylor, has been critical of bus company Arriva’s performance in Watford describing it as “simply not good enough”.

Arriva said an investigation is still ongoing.