Families were treated to an incredible and special flyby from the famous Red Arrows yesterday evening.

The Royal Air Force aerobatic group flew over Watford and Borehamwood, via Elstree Aerodrome, just after 7pm, to the delight of people who had gathered outside to catch a glimpse of the red planes in the sky.

Watford Observer:

The Arrows over Elstree Aerodome. Credit: Corporal Ashley Keates/MOD

Watford Observer:

Some people watched as the planes left a trail of blue, white, and red smoke. Credit: Steve Bond

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And the flypast was thanks to Red 1 squadron leader Martin Pert, a local lad who grew up in Abbots Langley, who made a special detour during a flight from Farnborough to Lincolnshire.

Martin, who leads the aerobatics display team, learnt to fly at Elstree Aerodrome.

His first experience flying with the renowned stunt team came in 2011 – serving until 2014 where he flew in Red 2, 4 and 8 in successive years.

Watford Observer:

Red Arrows over Bedmond. Credit: Pete Shallcross

Watford Observer:

Credit: Steve Holland

In 2017 the 38-year-old was announced as Red 1 – having led the Red Arrows in 2018 for its Centenary.

Dave Remnant, flight information service officer at Elstree Tower, said: “It makes me feel very proud to know we have Martin from Watford leading the world greatest aerobatic display team & they are going out of their way to carry out this flypast.

“Hopefully people will now connect Watford with the Red Arrows & be as proud of Martin for his achievements."

Watford Observer:

The Red Arrows over Watford. Credit: Katy Bridgewood

Thankfully the skies remained mostly clear and so many of you shared your footage with us of the Red Arrows, but we can bring you a video from inside one of the planes themselves.

The footage captures the Red Arrows over Watford, including Vicarage Road football stadium, before continuing onto the aerodrome.

A view over Hertfordshire from the sky Credit: Elstree Aerodrome/Dave Remnant

Credit: Jay De Sousa

The planes flew into Hertfordshire over Rickmansworth, before travelling over the centre of Watford. The pilots then went over Elstree Aerodrome, where crowds had gathered, before turning over Borehamwood, coming back over the aerodrome, over North Watford, and out towards Buckinghamshire.

Credit: Simon Winters OBE

Hillfield Lane, Aldenham Credit: Dean Hobbs