Having a facial in a department store might not sound the most relaxing experience. However, once the door slides shut on Dior’s private spa room in Debenhams’ flagship store in intu Watford, it only takes a moment to tune out the voices from outside and tap into your inner zen.

The Watford store is one of only two Debenhams to offer facials using Dior products, and the experience is nothing short of heavenly. My facialist, Tracey, first asks me about my skin and any concerns I have, ensuring that the whole experience is tailored specifically to my needs.

Lying back on the massage table, two cooling cotton pads are placed over my eyes to help block out the light and create a cocooning feeling of peace. Many of the products used by the friendly and knowledgeable Tracey are soothing and cooling, making them perfect for this time of year when skin can often feel flushed and warm.

Tracey starts by removing my makeup with a milky cleanser and then applying two different face masks. The first – Dior’s Dreamskin Capture Totale – takes only one minute to get to work; perfect for those of us who don’t always have the time to sit down and wait for a face mask to do its thing. The second mask is Dior’s Hydra Life Glow Better, which has a cooling jelly consistency and only takes three minutes to completely transform my skin.

Watford Observer:

An eye cream, serum and moisturiser follow, and each and every product has a fresh and calming texture and scent. While there are hundreds of different types of facials where you can laser your fine lines or smother your skin with stem cell-infused creams, the emphasis at Dior is on quality products and simple, effective techniques to give your skin a fresh-faced boost.

A soothing facial massage brings the experience to an end, and when I finally sit up and look at my skin in a hand mirror, I’m amazed at the difference half an hour with Tracey has made. My skin is glowing, radiant, and baby soft to boot.

Watford Observer:

As with their range of premium skincare, quality and practicality are at the heart of Dior’s makeup range. This is particularly true of their new Backstage range which, as makeup artist Corinne tells me when I arrive to experience a makeup consultation, is designed with artist-approved practical packaging, ensuring that you don’t have to carry around a makeup bag bulging with hundreds of products.

Corinne first questions me on my usual makeup routine, and when I tell her I prefer a subtler look she assures me that she won’t be doing anything over-the-top. She brushes my brows and applies a light layer of foundation, layering on bronze-y eyeshadow to create a subtle, shimmery look. Most impressive is the new Diorshow Pump ‘n’ Volume mascara, which adds the most incredible length and thickness to my lashes.

Watford Observer:

Every step of the way Corinne invites me to check my reflection in a hand mirror and let her know if there’s anything I’d like to change. She gives me the choice over which eyeshadow palate to use, which finish of foundation, and which colour of blush and highlight. The end result is a subtle yet polished look, perfect for everyday makeup.

Not only that, but she also gives me tips and tricks that I can use enhance the makeup I already wear.

While I’m experiencing my makeup consultation, on the other side of the store is a woman trying out a look for an upcoming wedding. She describes the colour of her outfit before her makeup artist chooses a selection of suitable palettes. Whether for a wedding, birthday, anniversary, or as a treat before a big night out, the consultation offers you the chance to have a play with makeup with an expert on hand to offer tips and advice – a prized reassurance to those of us afraid of looking back on photos a week later and wondering what we were thinking.

Watford Observer:

As well as one-on-one consultations, Dior also offers pamper sessions at Debenhams for groups of friends, family members or co-workers. Guests have the chance to try out the brand’s makeup, with the luxury of having champagne on tap and chocolate nibbles to hand. It’s a great idea for a hen party if clubbing isn’t your thing, or an excellent excuse to get a group of your closest friends together for a fun and girly afternoon.

For more information call 01923 294046 or contact debenhamswatfordbackstage@diormail.com