A new exhibition at Bushey Museum opening this weekend will examine the influence of artists in the town.

The street names of Bushey are many and various. Some are geographical - Chalk Hill, Clay Lane - while others reflect Bushey’s rural past - Harvest Road, Farm Way - or natural features - Woodlands Road, Spring Crofts.

Former big houses had an influence e.g. Bournehall Avenue, Sparrows Herne (Haven), Bushey Hall Road, Caldecote Gardens and Hartsbourne Road and prominent buildings dictated names such as Windmill Street and School Lane. There are the commemorative street names: King George Avenue, King Edward Road and other streets are named after local worthies, such as Somers Way and Nimmo Drive.

However, many of Bushey’s thoroughfares have the name of an artist with local connections, confirming the influence of the art community that thrived here in Bushey. This exhibition sets out these streets and connects them to the respective artists’ work.

Bushey Museum, Rudolph Road, Bushey, Saturday, August 3, to Sunday, January 26. Details: 02084 204057 busmt@busheymuseum.org