The new Prime Minister of the UK was elected by 92,153 Conservative party members’ votes rather than by a majority of some 45 million UK voters. Hardly democratic. And Labour is no different, Tony Blair handed the keys to Gordon Brown with no vote at all. It might have been that voters just voted for parties regardless of who might be Prime Minister. Not now. The future occupant of No. 10 is uppermost in voters’ minds. A quick look at Conservative-minded newspapers confirms they share that view. As expected, the Prime Minister has many Brexiteers in his cabinet who have become adept at poo-pooing forecasts by others. If the worst fears are realised and the pound crashes, the economy goes south, etc, the Brexiteers would have the perfect excuse - “We might not have got it right but don’t blame us, we were only giving effect to the will of the people”. In those circumstances I do wonder if such an excuse would prevail.

S. Friedman

Temple Close, Watford