The NSPCC are relaunching a safety campaign after thousands of sexual offences were recorded by police.

Hertfordshire Police recorded more than 50 sexual offences against young children in 2018/19, with a total of 7,618 recorded offences across England, Wales and Northern Ireland.

In response, Talk PANTS, a sexual offences awareness campaign by the NSPCC, is relaunching to help parents with children aged eight or under, encouraging informative and supportive discussions with their children about staying safe from sexual abuse.

The message behind the Talk PANTS acronym for is: ‘Privates are private, Always remember your body belongs to you, No means no, Talk about secrets that upset you, Speak up someone can help.’

The campaign first launched in July 2013 under the name ‘The Underwear Rule’, where parents who donated to the NSPCC would receive an activity pack in order to educate children about being aware of sexual offence safety.

Peter Wanless, the CEO of the NSPCC, said: “It is very concerning that the number of recorded sexual offences against young children is at such a high level and it is vital that we do more to help them stay safe from sexual abuse.”

To remain sensitive and suitable to children, the words ‘sex’ or ‘abuse’ are not mentioned at all within the activity pack, PANTS rules or the catchy ‘Pantosaurus’ song included with the campaign.

Donna-Marie Wright, a mum to seven children, is a passionate supporter of the campaign: “Having been abused myself between the ages of seven and 18, I believe it’s essential that all parents talk to their children about staying safe from sexual abuse.

“Many parents may worry that talking to their children about this sensitive subject will be scary and confusing, but the PANTS activities help you find the right words.”

The NSPCC has also revealed that last year hundreds of children under the age of 11 living across the UK contacted their Childline about sexual abuse.